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Catalytic Convertor


Supply of different types  for sedans and pick-ups on Gasoline and Bi-Fuel and Diesel modes
Emission standards: EuroII, EuroIV,  and higher
European Validation and Certification
E-Mark, ECE-R103

Current supply for Peugeot 206 and Nissan Pick-up
Development for Peugeot 405, Samand, Kia Pride, …
Development for Diesel types and Bi-fuel (CNG/LPG)
Design of Wash Coat by European Partners
Wash Coats for Ceramics and Metallic substrates

Testing up to Euro V and higher

Testing of new projects and developments

Able to test wash coats
Full Cycle testing for European Approvals  
A precision engineering and tooling service


From our standard production we offer:

  •     Ceramic Round from 80mm - 290mm
  •     Ceramic Oval 99*68 – 144 * 80mm
  •     Ceramic Substrates from 300 – 600cpsi
  •     Metallic Substrates from 300 – 600cpsi
  •     From Lengths 85mm to 450mm

New matting technology

Catalysts with excellent price – performance ratio

  •     Efficient use of precious metals
  •     High conversion efficiency and selectivity
  •     Very good long-term durability by high aging stability

Vast knowledge of applications and layouts
Customized products


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