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Gharb Steel Industrial Group


GHARB STEEL Industrial Group started its activity by establishment a production plant in Kermanshah in 1981 with the name of GHARB STEEL with a mission of producing stainless steel home appliances and continued till 1995 with the same above mission. GHARB STEEL could optimize the production processes in this period of time by utilizing expert personnel and achieved several industrial successes.
By extension of productions of this company from one side and increasing the talent and capability of the expert personnel from the other side, development of the company became one of its main missions.
The development of automotive industry and increasing the share of local producers in automotive industry, requirement of investment in this field and at last encouraging local car manufacturers, led to do the development activities of the company in this way; whereas the company capability due to man power and equipment of body stamping parts production could be utilized effectively. In 1997 based on an agreement with SAPCO, GHARB STEEL Industrial Group entered into body components producers and the production of these parts were started.
GHARB STEEL Industrial Group with more than 30 years experiences in production of body stamping and body parts, now produces parts for SAMAND, L90 (TONDAR 90) PAYKAN PICK-UP, ROA (RD) and Peugeot family vehicles and in most cases the productions in the form of sub-assembly being produced and delivered to the customers.

The major customers of GHARB STEEL industrial group are IKCO, SAPCO, RENAULT PARS, PARS KHODRO, SAIPA, S.G.S.Co. and ZAMYAD.

The current quantity of employees in GHARB STEEL is more than 1800 persons. The facilities of this industrial group are located in 3 different sites with the area of 270,000 Sqm. from which 100,000 Sqm. are covered shops.

GHARB STEEL Industrial Group has extended its activities in the following fields:

  •     Manufacture of automobile body parts
  •     Development and Supply of various types of CNG kits (Mixer, Sequential)
  •     Production of all kinds of cast iron and steel parts for Automotive and rail industry
  •     Supply of various types of catalyst convertors for sedans and pick-ups on gasoline and bi-fuel mode
  •     Supply of Clip, Clamp, all types of nuts and bolts and pins
  •     Establishment of Camshaft and Crankshaft machining line



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