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Aluminum die casting

This division enables to produce different Al and Al alloys parts up to 8 Kg via several injection machines. The capacity is equal to 2600 tons per year





Major facilities consist of:

  • Die cast injection machine with capacity 300 to 1100 tons.
  • Al melting furnace (6 tons)
  • Al holding furnaces
  • Hydraulic press
  • Machining equipment consist of CNC, drilling device and etc.
  • Laser jet printing

Iron Casting

Iron cast and steel casting complex was established for using of Gharb Steel press shop scraps. The high purity with low impurity scraps use as raw material for production of high quality melt in furnaces. 



Major facilities consist of:

  • Twin power ABB induction melting furnace with 4 tons capacity for each crucible.
  • Automatic charging system
  • Full automatic molding system assisted by vacuum (120 mold/ hour)
  • Sand recovery plant for preparation required molding material for molding machine.
  • Heat treatment furnace with 3 tons capacity and up to 1300°C temperature and various heat cycles.
  • Compressed air cooling system.
  • Shot blast machine
  • Casting Cores production system.
  • Laboratory equipment and facilities for evaluation of produced parts and molding material properties. 





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